Lesson number 1 - "Greetings"

Good morning.
Bura domaręca.
Bura zi./Bura zija.
Good evening.
Bura sęrę.
Ku domnu./Domnu ku tire.
See you.
Se ren vedę.1; Na rem vedę. (Ž)2
See you later.
Ren se vedę maj kâsno.; Datunče na rem vedę. (Ž)
See you tomorrow.
Se ren vedę mâre.1; Na rem vedę mâre.(Ž)
See you next week.
Se ren vedę åta šetimana.; Na rem vedę åt ćedân. (Ž)

1 In this and other examples in this section, se can be replaced by ne in southern villages, which corresponds to Žejanski na.
2 (Ž) marks expressions more often used in Žejane.