CD to teach Vlashki to children with songs and rhymes


In July 2013, the Tragovi Association published a new language program dedicated to children. It is called En, den, dire, viro ku mire: Vlaški za djecu i roditelje – Vlashki for children and parents and it is designed to teach the basics of the Vlashki language (also, Istro-Romanian) through song, spoken word and music to children as well as their parents. The program includes a 30-minute music CD with eight original songs in Vlashki and many spoken words, poetries and rhymes in the language.

The CD comes with a lyric sheet with transcriptions and Croatian and English translations of all the materials on the CD. The songs are performed by the children who participate in the Puljići Language Playroom for Children in Sušnjevica. The children performed a selection of the songs and texts on the CD at the Day of Vlashki Language in Sušnjevica and the Day of Zheyanski Language in Žejane in August 2013.