About the dictionary

This dictionary is an exact electronic version of the dictionary published in Istrorumunjski-hrvatski rječnik (s gramatikom i tekstovima) [Istro-Romanian-Croatian Dictionary (with the Grammar and Texts] by August Kovačec in 1998. Currently, this dictionary is the only published bilingual dictionary of the language. We hope that in this searcheable internet format the dictionary will reach, and be used by, a greater audience of community members, as well as researchers.
The dictionary was written based on the text corpus of about 45,000 words collected by the author between 1961 and 1967 in the villages where Vlaški or Žejanski (Vlashki/Zheyanski, also, Istro-Romanian) was spoken at the time: Žejân/Žejane, Šušnjevicę/Šušnjevica, Noselo/Nova Vas, Sukodru/Jesenovik, Kostârčån/Kostrčan, Bârdo/Brdo, Zankovci, and Gradinje.

The dictionary contains close to 3,500 headwords, many accompanied by their principal contextual (pronunciation) and regional variants.

Headwords for nouns are followed by their indefinite and definite forms and irregular plural forms; headwords for verbs, adjectives and pronouns are followed by their irregular inflected forms. Numerous examples of usage are also provided, making this dictionary a very useful learning tool. For more detailed information about the conception of the dictionary and the spelling/transcription system used in it, we refer you to pp. 9-15 and pp. 246-255 of the original print dictionary.

Under each lexical entry, links are provided to the Pronunciation Key and the List of Abbreviations, with their translations into Croatian and English.
In the next phase of this project, we plan to create the reverse—Croatian - Istro-Romanian—side of the dictionary, as well as update and translate the dictionary into English.

Electronic Dictionary Credits

The electronic conversion of the dictionary was carried out by Neologica (www.neologica.net).
Permissions for the electronic conversion of the dictionary were obtained from the author, August Kovačec, and the publisher of the print dictionary, Znanstvena Udruga Mediteran.