Boris Doričić

Boris (1938-2006) had two passions-music and his native Žejanski language. Since childhood, as an accordeon player, he was a regular participant in the yearly carnival procession of the Žejanan bellringers. He became one of the early driving forces behind the folklore society „Žejanski zvončari" (Žejanan bellringers) and, as one of the musicians, he attended numerous folklore festivals with the group, both in Croatia and abroad. He translated into Žejanski numerous Croatian and foreign popular song lyrics, which were then recorded by Žejanski kântaduri (Žejanan singers). Later on, he also started translating children's fairy tale classics into Žejanski, such as „Little Red Ridinghood," which you can hear by clicking on the audio file link below, „Three little piglets," „Thumbling" and others. His translation of the "Little Red Ridinghood" is read here by his brother Cvetko Rado Doričić