Silvana Brkarić-Krculić

Silvana was born and raised in the small village of Sukodru/Jesenovik, on the Istrian peninsula, now in Croatia. After studying in Rijeka, she emigrated to the United States and has been a resident of Brooklyn, New York, ever since. Always a lover of the written word, she started writing poetry as a teenager. She continues to write in her free time in her three languages: Vlaški, Croatian and English. Some of her poems have been put to music. The prominent Istrian jazz artist Tamara Obrovac put her poem "Se me ra morta privari" to music and performed it in 2006 at Joe's Pub, the well-known New York jazz venue. You can hear Silvana read "Se me ra morta" and other poems by clicking on the audio links below. Other poems by Silvana can be found here.

Cire mi te bire, me betâru kråj Me dragi fråte Rapsodija de lu Vlahinje Se me ra morta privari